Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting Better

Kenzie is finally starting to feel better! We have had 48 hours of no diarrhea and she is up to full strength formula again. Tests for CDif and other parasites have come back negative. More importantly is that meals are starting to get better again. Kenzie is more willing to take her bites and is not gagging when she sees me present the spoon most of the time. We have had 3 meals (not in a row) where there was no vomiting at all! We still have her drinking water at her meals instead of formula but we have upped her puree foods back to 3oz. Starting today we have resumed "open variety" of foods. What that means is that we will represent all the foods slowly that we took away when Kenzie wasn't feeling well. I'm hoping within a week or 2 to be giving her everything we were. I spoke to our main feeder at KKi yesterday because I was having issues making Kenzie's rice cereal and oatmeal to the perfect consistency and she gave me some new ways to make it. The changes seem to have worked because there are no lumps in it and Kenzie is taking it the same way she takes fruit and veggies. They really are masters at pureeing foods there.

I have some more really cute pictures from her last day at KKI that I still have to post but I probably wont have time till tonight or tomorrow. Today we are going to see Kenzie's GI doctor here in Brooklyn and I will have to feed her 2 meals out of the house. hopefully they wont be terrible.

As for Kenzie's mood... it finally seems like we have her back. Yesterday she decided to get out of her post KKI funk and return to her happy smiley self. I'll update more tomorrow after the GI appt. Have a great day!

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Alli said...

I'm glad to hear this positive update! We've been following from up here in Boston.