Thursday, March 26, 2009

Puerto Rico Here We Come!

Pictures from our last day at KKI
(The graduation outfit we put together for her)

Hi All,

This week has been busy as ever. We took Kenzie to the Barnum Bailey Circus Sunday. You can see from the video (it'll be up shortly) that she just loved it! We are still trying to work with Early Intervention to get her therapies set up and it's becoming a but frustrating as we have now been home for 3 weeks and are losing ground. Meals are hit and miss. We have some great meals but breakfasts especially are terrible. She refuses her first bite almost everyday and will gag and vomit at the taste of food. We can deal with the behavioral stuff as horrible as it is. But Kenzie's new thing that we don't know what to do about is that when she burps now half the time she will bring up a huge portion of her meal with it. It gets her very upset and then ruins the rest of the meal. We are strictly following protocol but because of the large amounts of vomiting and the diarrhea that rears its ugly head sometimes, Kenzie is still down weight and now about 75% tube fed (we had gotten to almost 50%). It's defeating and sometimes we want to just throw in the towel but we have to remember we didn't spend 8 weeks in Maryland to throw it all away.

on the positive side, kenzie has some new signs. She signs "drink", "eat", "sleep", plus all the others shes been doing. I have been packing furiously and I really hope I don't forget anything that's important for Kenzie. We are so so excited to go away. Hopefully a vacation will give us the much needed release we have been waiting 16 months for.

Our niece Skylar turns 2 tomorrow! Happy birthday Skylar :-) Also, by the time we get back from vacation she will probably be a big sister!!!!! We are hoping for an easy healthy delivery for both mom and baby. I can't wait to post when we get back. I'm sure we will have lots of cute pictures!

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