Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Pictures 1 & 2: Kenzie's favorite nurse
Picture 3 & 4: Courtney Wagon ride with Poppa

So I can't spend much time posting because I have a horrible migraine right now BUT I just wanted to pass along the amazing news.

First, last night I decided to break the rules (shocking right???) and take liberty with where I gave Kenzie her snack at night. They said for me to feed her "where you feel comfortable" which really meant anywhere in the hospital but I decided to take her out. I took Kenzie to the mall and fed her in the food court. If I had asked the staff would have said no, so I decided to just do it, video it, and tell them after so they could critque me. People looking at us probably thought we were nuts, but Kenzie and I did great! We followed protocol to a "T" and kenzie finished drinks and food in under 17 minutes! When I told them this morning they were shocked at what I did but excited that it went well. They also said if Jordan is as good a feeder as I, then on Sunday we can take her to a restaurant and try it there. That's the last "scenario" I really think is important for us in real life.

Today was a landmark day! I started feeding kenzie 1oz of formula at each meal. We do it very slowly out of medicine cups but we did it! She did vomit each meal but not during drinks. I think just like when we moved from 2oz to 3oz of puree, her stomach now needs to stretch again to allow 4oz. For some reason Kenzie decided not to nap today so dinner and snack were a fight BUT the most important thing is that because I am giving her 4oz of formula during the day.... (DRUMROLL) Kenzie no longer needs daytime tube feeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenzie has been cut to 8 hours on the tube at night. She has surpassed the goals KKI put forth for her at their steering meeting and now hit our personal goals. Jordan and I are so so so so happy you can't even imagine! The only thing we need to do during the day is flush her tube with some water. It's really amazing!

I wanted to make sure I said thanks really quickly to Little Leena for the great stuff!!! The bag is going to be so cute when Kenzie takes Ballet with you one day! Also, to my boyfriend Gabe and his parents Nick and Elle... that sushi toy really made me laugh today! I swear it is my mission to get Kenzie eating sushi one of these days!

Anyway, we have 1 week left here and we will use it to train Jordan and hopefully gain the confidence we need to go home and stay successful. Hope everyone else is having a good night too :-)

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Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

I'm glad to see that things are going well and that Kenzie's tube feedings are being cut back. Such good news. I love the photo of Kenzie and the crabs!

And you are oh so right.... unless someone has a Kenzie or an Eliza they have no idea and cannot begin to understand what it is like to not be able to feed your child.