Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Down, 1 To Go...

All 5 pictures from Lilly's Birthday on Feb 18.
Picture 1: Kenzie as a "mountain climber" (Kenzie and Chance's mom Miss Billi )
Picture 2: Lilly and her cake
Picture 4: Lilly, Kenzie, and Kenzie's new friend Amaya
Picture 5: Kenzie's favorite walker

We are finally in the homestretch and we really just can't wait to go home *or at least Jordan and I can't. Kenzie loves it here. I really think she's going to miss having older kids around all the time. In the last 7 weeks I swear Kenzie has turned from baby to toddler before our eyes. I don't know what happened to my little baby that used to just sit on my lap patiently. Now shes trying to climb on things, run with her walker, crawl away from me, and play games all the time. Her receptive communication skills have grown so much. Although kenzie still doesn't speak words she now signs even more. She also understands everything we tell her and follows commands really well.

Tomorrow Jordan will get here and start his training. It should be fun to watch. As far as Kenzie's meals and drinks go, shes doing really well. Since we switched to an ounce of formula and 3oz of puree foods at every meal, we have noticed an increase in vomiting but we think her tiny stomach just needs to adjust. Also, I have really begun to see a trend in the vomiting as well. In the meals that I feed Kenzie with distractions (ie. people around) her vomiting must be down like 95%. I wonder if when Kenzie has distractions she stops thinking about how she doesn't want to eat, or how full she is???

Over the next week we will really just tweak and perfect everything for being home. Hopefully Jordan will become a pro feeder really quickly. When we get home our plan is to get a nutritionist and start to plan for therapies when we get to LA. We will meet right away with early intervention in NY. We will be busy for sure but as long as Kenzie's meals stay on track and we make that our priority, things should just get better. Jordan and I booked a vacation to Puerto Rico for the end of March. This is the first time since Kenzie was born that we have felt she is stable enough to go anywhere. We are so excited to take her away and just can't wait! I have a plan of what jars of food Ill need to bring, along with all of her formula and aside from meats, Kenzie should be able to eat the same as she is now for the 5 days.

I wanted to mention another little girl Isabella who we have never met but have been penpals with since we found out about KKI. She left the program back in July and was a true success story. She's had a rough couple of months and we have read her blog everyday. Jordan and I are so so happy to see that she's back on track and eating much better! I've talked to her mom a couple of times and her struggles remind us daily just how fragile these kids and their eating are. We really are hoping for only better and better days ahead for her now!

As usual thanks everyone for all the well wishes and cheering we get from you. I have never wanted to be home so badly as I do even though I've been so fortunate to meet great people here. 12 more hours till we see Jordan!!!!

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