Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Night

Eiee left today right before we went to the aquarium. Luckily, she stayed long enough to see Kenzie eat some really great meals! Kenzie is now eating 2oz at every meal. Her vomiting is sporadic during meals but today she only vomited 25grams out of 180 for the whole day. To us that is a huge feat. We also saw something new with Kenzies development. They switched her protocol back to an incentive a few days ago. She's never really "gotten" it, nor has she had any interest in anything we've given her. Today we switched incentives at every meal to see if kenzie would respond to anything. At dinner we used a shape sorter. Kenzie wanted it so badly. The feeder told her to "make it all gone" and then she could have her toy. Kenzie looked at the toy, moved her mouth so quickly and then reached for the toy again. SHE GOT IT! It's amazing the difference between a 14 and a 15 month old. She is definitely growing up here.

We took a KKI trip to the aquarium tonight and really had a nice time. Kenzie loved looking around and it really kept her interest. They don't allow strollers int he aquarium here so all i have to say is thank god for the bjorn i bought today (yes i already have 2 at home but this helped!). Kenzie is heavy now to carry around at 19.7lb. The pictures above are all from the outing.

Time for my postout thank yous: Cousin Zachary I love love my hairbow holder. however did you know it would be the perfect gift?? Aunt Fay and Uncle Scott... mommy is eating the cookies as she types and I am sleeping with the teddy in my crib. Thanks so much!!

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