Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Picture 1: Kenzie's friend Anthony with Lilly
Picture 2 & 3: The dogs came again! Kenzie had a great time with them as usual.
Picture 4: Kenzie figured out that not only does pen write on paper but on her hand too!
Picture 5: Kenzie and her Eiee at dinner

I'm trying to figure out where I left off without going to read my blog but my brain is fried and I don't think I can manage it. Ok dinner yesterday... Dinner yesterday went really well! Again, we noticed that she threw up on the peas so I think we are looking into whether that's a texture thing or taste or what. Breakfast and lunch today also went so well with the rounded spoon that Kenzie was finishing her 1oz of food in less than 10 minutes. Because of this for dinner they decided to change her protocol again. She now has to eat 2oz! In terms you might understand... a normal jar of baby food has 4oz so its still a really small amount but we are making progress. Shes been taking about 40 calories a day right now PO (by mouth) and maybe now we can up that to about 80. Percentage wise thats only about 10% since she needs about 800 calories a day. The other thing they changed was that they added back the finger prompt for "kenzie open and take your bite" i had noticed about a week ago that she had stopped opening her mouth wide enough for her bite to go in easily. With a rounded spoon if her mouth isn't open it all "expels" and they have to put it all back in. So at dinner "L" prompted kenzie and pushed her mouth open wider which enabled her to get more of the bite in. Kenzie swallowed SO well! Some of the times when they asked to see her mouth she had already cleared it! The 2oz of food took only 17 minutes. Kenzie had a decent size vomit at the end of the meal which weighed out to 1/2oz which means she wound up eating 1.5oz. That's more than shes ever taken and we are really happy.

Eiee came yesterday and we've been having a good time with her. She's watched all of Kenzies therapies and we have had some yummy meals. Kenzies love for drawing continues and as you can see in the second picture, she has discovered she can also draw on her hand! (lucky me) In ST therapy today Kenzie took the tool she was supposed to chew on and tried to color with it. The therapist picked up on that and got out a crayon and coloring book. In between each bite, drink, and chew, Kenzie got to color. Usually kenzie's incentive in ST is either books or bubbles... we now have a new one. Jordan thinks she might take after her mommy and become an artist one day. Tomorrow, Eiee leaves in the afternoon and KKI has an outing to the aquarium! Jordan and I took Kenzie back in November when we had her evaluated here but she slept through half of it. Hopefully this time it'll be worth keeping her out late for. The aquarium in the Inner Harbor is really gorgeous and has an amazing 4D show.

I don't know if you read this allison and jason but thank you thank you for the great package!!! The kids all loved to play with the disney characters in the bath already and I have started reading my wonderful magazines :-)

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