Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twins for a day!

Today Kenzie and Lilly were twins. We got them matching outfits last night and Lilly was so excited this morning to put it on. They even had matching piggytails. I swear I need to get Kenzie a big sister.

Yesterday, feedings were not great. There wasn't much to report. She did take all her bites but she cried a lot, gagged a bunch, and vomited up anything we gave her. Today it was like a new person. I guess kids have their days too. Today kenzie didn't cry at all. She has now tried... pears, apples, mangoes & pears, rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. She seems to be getting used to trying new tastes and gets better with it everytime. At breakfast today we stopped using Dr. Seuss books and Christina Aguilera as incentive. We started using a kids video and new books instead. Kenzie was getting bored with the same thing ever meal.

Other than that there's nothing much new to report. Grammy Daryl and Grandpa H come early tomorrow. They'll stay till thursday and then Great Auntie, Carly and Lindsay are coming this weekend. We get so many visitors and are so lucky!

I havent had time to send cards yet so I wanted to make sure I got to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to the Angels for the yummy gifts and to the Levins for the so so cute stuffed monkey. It's so much fun when something shows up here. It's really nice for you guys to think of us :-)

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Other Auntie Sha said...

they're so cute! babygirl looks sooo much bigger! her hair is so long!!

i miss you guys so so so much!! <33

the weather is terrible up here, there is so much snow and it's freezing cold... let me know what you're free so we can catch up!

love you and miss you.
thinking of you guys