Sunday, February 1, 2009

Signs Signs

Picture 1, 2, and 3: Kenzie's New Backpack
Picture 4: Kenzie with Jordan, Amber, and Barbara

We had a great weekend! Kenzie's therapies went really well (until tonight). They started introducing new foods like pears, apples, and sweet potatoes. For the most part, Kenzie takes all of her bites and swallows in the time limit they give her. She is also getting much better at moving the food back in her mouth without help from the nuk and feeder. Dinner was terrible today but we are hoping that was a fluke.

Our friends Amber and Jordan and Amber's mom Barbara came to see us today which was so nice! They watched one of Kenzies sessions and played for a bit. Yesterday, Grandma Eiee and Grandpa Billy came for the day. It was a lot of driving but really nice for Kenzie to get to see them both. I forgot to take a picture of them with her :-( but next time I will for sure!

We are slowly increasing Kenzies rate of formula and seeing what she can tolerate. As of right now she gets about 4 hours a day off her tube feedings. BUT!... we found out about a different backpack that kenzie can wear herself! We ordered it early this week and got it yesterday. It looks so cute on Kenzie's back. She looks like a little backpacker. At first when we put it on she wouldn't move because its heavy. But in the last hour shes forgotten about it and is moving almost as easily as without it. It is like a whole new world will open up for me. I don't have to follow her around with the bag and she can move about all by herself. You have no idea how great this is for us!

Kenzie is LOVING her room with Chance and Lilly. A few minutes ago she started crying because I wouldn't let her in the bed with them. Chance and Lilly are in Chance's bed watching a movie but because of Lillys cough we can't let Kenzie get that close. Today she was following Chance around the playroom and copying everything he did. They all play so well together and are so cute.

Jordan left today for 2 weeks. It's going to be the longest we've ever been apart but compared to a lot of other people here we are pretty lucky. For Jordan its the worst but hopefully 2 weeks and Valentines Day will come really quickly.

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