Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Blip...

Well we thought we had a course of action for our last week here but Kenzie decided she had her own plan as usual. Yesterday morning we woke up to a fever, vomit and lots of what Kenzie's friend Lilly calls the "uh oh's" (aka diarrhea). The fever is now gone but the rest of it has stuck. The good thing is that because she had the fever, we know that this is not food related but some kind of bug. We are trying to get Kenzies stool tested for CDIF (she had it in June) because it smells pretty rancid. So instead of our usual 1oz of formula and 3oz of food, we have had to decrease to 1oz of food and 1oz of formula. Kenzie's vomiting during her meals was just out of control. Hopefully she will be better in a day or 2 and we can finish making the last bit of progress before we leave Thursday. We are so lucky though that only the fever and vomiting phased Kenzie. The "Uh-Ohs" are so normal to her that she doesn't even notice.

Jordan has been feeding Kenzie for the last 2 days and I have never seen him so nervous! It was actually pretty funny to see someone who performs surgery on a daily basis go into the room to feed his daughter. When he poured his first set of drinks for Kenzie, his hand was shaking like crazy. I was sitting in the observation room laughing at him. A meal or two later though and he is now a pro. Given that Kenzie hasn't felt her best she has been throwing him for a loop in there.

Grandma Daryl (Or MamEye as Skylar calls her) and Grandpa H (PopEye) came yesterday and got to see Kenzie for a day. We couldnt take her out because she hasn't felt well enough but we did get quality time here at KKI for our last weekend. Jordan and I literally are counting hours till we get out of here. We soooo can't wait to be home.

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