Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The hits keep on coming...

Kenzie got sick today. She developed a cold that got worse and worse as the day went on. By the end of the day her nose was running, her eyes were all puffy and red, and there was no denying it. The hospital decided to put her (us) on contact isolation. What that means is that all therapies will take place in her room. She is not allowed out of her room at all and not allowed to leave the hospital. We will not be able to see her therapies because there's no 2way mirror in here and everyone that comes in looks like theyre in a hasmat (spelling?) outfit. We think she'll be here at least a week but I dont know until i talk to the doctors tomorrow. The reason for all of this is because its RSV season. RSV is a pretty serious and highly contagious respiratory virus. I highly doubt she has it but they really dont like to take any chances here at KKI.

Even though we now have our own room they still will not allow 2 parents to stay overnight so when Jordan comes this weekend I guess Ill go to the hotel. The only plus side to this whole thing is the fact that we have a private room for probably a week. But kenzie has really loved crawling out of her room into the hallway to see all the staff and her door must now be kept closed. She also really grew to love Kennedy (the other little girl in our room) who leaves next Friday. Kenzie goes searching for her and I feel so bad that she may not get to really see her before she gets discharged. Ill post a cute picture of the two of them tomorrow since Kennedys mom said she didnt mind if I showed her face.

ok going to sleep since kenzies actually quiet now...


Carly said...

Aww those pics are so cute! I wish Ollie didn't fail his therapy dog classes - I'd have loved to have him do that! Hope the one good thing that comes of Kenzie's cold is a good night sleep for you in the private room. Hope she gets better quickly and you're both our of isolation soon.
Love you guys,

Other Auntie Sha said...

Hi Amy and Kenzington!I miss you guys so much! I leave for school on Saturday so I'll be able to Skype with you guys all the time!! I finally figured out how to work this blog spot!

I'm sorry to hear about the Princess's cold, I hope she starts to feel better soon.

It's good to hear that Kenza made a friend... pretty silly that the girls have the same initials!

Spanky and Holly miss you guys too!

Keep up the good work Amy! i'll call you tomorrow... cuz i think it's someone's birthdayyyy!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! talk to you soon!