Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I forgot to mention that we have been switched to a new room! We are now in a triple. The triple room has up and downsides to it. The upside is that it is a lot bigger and has a bathtub right in the room for the kids. The downside is that now there are 3 kids and 3 parents which leaves much more room for crying and noises during the night. I have been having a very hard time getting Kenzie to go to bed before 930. There is just too much going on in the room. Kenzie is acclimating though and has made a new best friend. The little girl in the room (ill call her KJ - because those are her initials) is just tooo cute! Kenzie follows her around and looks for her whenever we come back. If she sees her down the hall she darts off to get her. Its really so cute! We are sad because KJ will be discharged on the 26th of January.

As for Kenzies therapies, we have had ups and downs. She has done remarkably well with her feeding therapist. Kenzie takes almost every bite off of an empty spoon and in about a half hour will start trying a spoon that is dipped in food. We expect that this is where their therapies will really start. Before this theyve been evaluating mostly. As for OT and ST therapies, those have not been going well. Kenzie has total stranger anxiety and hasnt had time to get used to the therapists. She mostly screams, cries, gags and vomits the whole sessions. Im really hoping she will get used to them and maybe theyll actually be able to get in her mouth within a week or so. Its hard because she doesnt see them as often and therefore isnt very comfortable.

Today I came back to pick her up from the playroom and almost freaked out when I didnt see her in there. I found out Kenzie went on a buggy ride... without me! I guess Kenzie will do anything that her friend KJ does and since KJ was going... Kenzie followed. When she got wheeled around and i saw her I was so happy I was jumping up and down! She was smiling, holding bunny blankie, dancing, and having a great time. Most importantly, she was having a great time without me, which is very important to them here.

I am going to put together a kodakgallery of pictures so far and will send it out hopefully later. Please note that any other kids or therapists in the photos will be blurred out due to privacy issues. Ill also keep you posted on how she does during lunch with her first little bit of food.


Isabella Griggs said...

We're thrilled to hear about Kenzie's success with an empty spoon! That's a HUGE step for her! We remember Lauren - she fed Bella several times. Please tell her we say HI! We're praying that dipped spoon goes well this afternoon. We love the updates and can't wait to read about more progress!

Carly said...

Good luck with the food therapy, can't wait to hear how it goes!! Missing you both and thinking of you always!

Leena Dagly said...

Hang in their Kenzie. I know you can do it and you will make mommy and daddy proud. Come back quick so we can play.
- Little Leena

UncleDaddy said...

YumYum...eat 'em up!