Sunday, January 11, 2009


Let's see, Friday we ended on a pretty bad note. We found out Kenzie was worse off than we had thought and it was upsetting. Yesterdays morning session was more of the same but then at lunch she surprised us! Kenzie only cried when she first entered the room. After that, she played with her therapist and really started to have a little fun! Grandma Eiee watched Kenzie for a few hours after lunch so I could go back to the hotel and take a nice shower. When I came back Kenzie had "dinner". Again she did so well! The therapist told us that because she had 2 great sessions playing we could start introducing a dry spoon this morning. Kenzie graduated 1 step!

We took some TLOA (timed leave of absence) for dinner and went to Outback and then tried again to get Kenzie to bed early. I need to switch her whole schedule here because they really only give her time for 1 nap. Also, Kenzies always gone to bed pretty late and woken up around 9. Here she needs to be up by 8 at the latest. Last night again I put her in her crib early but she didn't fall asleep until almost 930. On the positive, we got our web cam working and were able to video message with jordan. It was so fun as the 2 of us just left it on for over an hour as we did our thing. It was almost as if we were talking to each other from different rooms of the apartment. Kenzie got so excited to see her daddy. she was waving to him and giving him stinky face. Our skype name is "amymkerker" if you want to reach us.

This morning Kenzies first meal with a spoon went horribly. She refused every bite and screamed the whole time. She also gagged a few times but did refrain from vomiting. After her meal Grandma Eiee, Kenzie and I went to a place called Jimmy's for breakfast in Fell's Point. It was sooo good! I'll definitely be back. Then it was laundry and time to say goodbye to Grandma. She went back to take care of our other baby (Chubby) who I hear has been very bad. I think he knows something is up. Tracee, thank you SOOOO much for watching him and putting up with his "crap" (no pun intended). In a few hours Grandma Daryl and Grandpa "H" will be here. They will stay till Wed and hopefully pass the time before Jordan can finally come on Friday.

We just got Kenzie's schedule for tomorrow and she will be busy. Here is the rundown:
830: Meal
930: OT 1030: Speech and Language
1130: meal
(hopefully a nap in between)
330: meal

Somewhere in there I will have a meeting with the behavioral psychologist. she is the one who gave me the lecture and will most likely give me more time blocked off in kenzies schedule. I will have set times I have to leave her in the playroom with other adults to get her more used to being separated from me.

I have not been able to get onto youtube from here to link to the videos Ive been taking but if you want to view any you can search my videos by my username at "digitalelff" I am labeling all meal videos with the date and mealtime. They are mostly boring to people not interested in this stuff but for those that really want to see what they do and Kenzies progress they are there.

Ok more later or tomorrow! We love reading your messages so keep them coming. I am sorry i havent been good yet about returning phone calls and emails but I will get to it... promise!

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